What is this?

It's the new era of real time communication: one-click video chat.

vLine connects you to anyone in the world using one link. That's it. Nothing to download or plug-in. No account to set up or relationship to establish.

Share the link and connect to anyone, anywhere. Start selling, collaborating, teaching, advising, planning, tutoring, or just coffee klatching right now.

What's it cost, you ask? (Because it's reasonable that you would.) Nothing. Just click and start calling.

How do I make a call?

Copy. Paste. Video chat. Three easy steps is all it takes to be up and running.

1. Copy: Copy your vLine link.

2. Paste: Paste and share your vLine link via email, chat, or social media.

3. Video chat: As soon as you say "go" your video chat will start.

Start a video chat in less than one minute.

How is this possible?

Isn't it great?! We think so, too. Our entire focus is to make peer2peer communication easy. Seriously, one-click easy.

We've harnessed the power of WebRTC, a revolutionary standard that supports browser-based, real-time communication. vLine link lets anyone use the power of WebRTC. (Want to know more about WebRTC? We've got that.)

Which browsers can i use?

vLine works in both Chrome and Firefox. There are still some known issues with echo and delayed audio in Firefox so for the best experience we currently recommend Chrome. Because WebRTC is an emerging standard, not all browsers are ready for it. They're heading that way, though, so stay tuned for developments.

Is there a time limit on my call?

Nope. Once you start a call you can keep it going as long as you'd like.

Can I use the link more than once?

You bet. Feel free to use the link again and again. If you can't track it down, grab another one.

Can I schedule a future call using the link?

Yes! By all means, please add it to your meeting invites.

Will this work on my mobile device/phone?

Even though vLine links should work on the latest Chrome browser on Android, you may encounter some issues.

How many people can I connect?

Actual people? Well, that depends upon how many people can get cozy behind a camera. How many browsers? The best experience will be keeping the maximum to 4 in order to experience a high quality connection.

How secure is this call?

All your media communication is encrypted using DTLS/SRTP which provides you with enterprise-grade security.

What is the status of the vLine developer APIs?

We have currently deprecated the developer APIs. See this blog post for details.

Need some help?

If your vLine link isn't working the way you think it should, please email us at support@vline.com.

How do I stay tuned?

It's exciting, isn't it?! Provide us with your email and we'll keep you posted with the latest developments.

Want to get in touch?

We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email at hello@vline.com or on twitter @vlineinc.