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Step 1 - Copy

Copy your vLine link.
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Step 2 - Paste

Paste & share your vLine link
via email, chat, or social media.

Step 3 - Video Chat

As soon as you say "go" your
video chat will start.

Start a video chat in less than one minute

Why use a vLine link?

vLine is a new type of video chat based on WebRTC.

A Few of vLine's Benefits & Features
One-click Setup - Just copy, paste & video chat. It's that simple. Multi-party Chats - Add more people with one click.
No International Delays - Your global video chat won't be delayed or slowed. Always On - Keep your vLine link open and touch base all day.
It's Free - vLine is free to use. There"s no charge. Really. Firewall Savvy - Connect across companies via your browser.
Start a video chat in less than one minute

Who uses vLine?

Our video chat experience is simple & reliable.

Sales Executives

Meet your prospects face-to-face. No matter where they are.


Teach your students "live." Don't waste time creating accounts.


Check in and collaborate. No download necessary.

Software Developers

Add a customized vLine to your website. Learn more.


Call your mom. She's one click from seeing your smiling face.


Engage your clients frequently. One-click video calls make it easy.

Start a video chat in less than one minute